Tanker 36 visits the "Shop" for some modifications

Sat, Feb 25th, 2017, 15:23 pm

Isn't it frustrating when certain firefighting equipment doesn't fit in the perfect spot, by a fraction of an inch?  A visit was scheduled to Yoe Fire, Station 36, to determine whether enough room could be gained, if some modifications were made, in the Dunnage Area, for said equipment.      Yoe Chauffer, Kevin Gibney, knew where equipment was to go, it just didn't fit!  An opening finally occured at the busy SFES "Shop", and Tanker 36 backed in.  After some disassembly, the factory installed electric reel cover was modified, and tool storage for long handled tools was added to the front of the hose bed.  All equipment mounting was done utilizing existing fasteners, installed at the manufacturer, which means no extra holes were drilled into the body!   Take a look at Tanker 36!  It's hard to tell any modifications even took place!  Thanks to the Yoe Fire Company for their patience, and for allowing SFES to work on Tanker 36.  It is one beautiful and functional Rig!

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