Swatara Township, Ladder 91, "Versatile"

Mon, Feb 12th, 2018, 7:37 am

Thinking of one word to describe Swatara Township's New Pierce PUC Ascendant 107?  Let's say  "Versatile"!   Nicely equipped for Engine or Truck Company Operations.  Ladder 91 got the "Specialized" treatment, utilizing "non evasive" methods for equipment mounting!  Compartment space was efficiently used, making Ladder 91, ready for service!  Thanks to Chief Ibberson and the Officers, and Members, of Swatara Fire and Rescue, for utilizing SFES to make Ladder 91 what it is!  "VERSATILE"

Full Compartment, Not a square inch to spare!

P.O. Box 521
Middletown,Pa 17057

Phone: 717-944-5999
Fax: 717-944-5890