Swatara Tower 91, Big Truck, up on the "Hill"

Sun, May 6th, 2018, 11:23 am

Tower 91 arrived at the shop, with empty compartments,  just the way we like it, here at Specialized!  Chief Mike Ibberson, and Chief Brendan Orth,  provided their vision, on equipment mounting methods, and location, and the crew at SFES went to work!  As usually the case, as work on Tower 91 evolved, ideas and thoughts were rampant.  Discussions took place, in an effort to optimize equipment location, and compartment space utilization.   Take a look at some of the pictures attached, and see the result!   Thanks, to Chief Ibberson, and Swatara Fire and Rescue Services, for using SFES for the true customization of your Fire Apparatus! 

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