Steelton Fire Engine/Rescue 50

Sat, Nov 24th, 2018, 12:06 pm

It's a short trip down route 230, from Steelton to Middletown.  The short trip, means the crew at SFES, gets to communicate with the Steelton Fire/Rescue crew often.  This communication helps the "Old Heads" at the shop to make the new Pierce Enforcer Engine/Rescue "Just Right"!    Chief Gene Vance made daily appearances!  Many days he would bring lunch for the SFES crew, or ate whatever Chef Rich threw together for that day!  I'm not sure who enjoyed the visits more?  Gene or Bob?  Specialized Fire is very appreciative, that is was chosen by Steelton Fire, to perform the custom equipment mounting, and compartment organization, on your new Rig!   Equipment mounting was achieved with minimally evasive techniques!  It's the only way we do it here at SFES!  Stop by or call, and we'll explain how we mount equipment with maximum adjustability in mind!  Don't be surprised if Chief Vance answers the phone, or greets you at the door!   He is the official receptionist!

P.O. Box 521
Middletown,Pa 17057

Phone: 717-944-5999
Fax: 717-944-5890