Pleasant Gap Rescue 818, "Bad ASS Bulldog"

Wed, Dec 28th, 2016, 8:25 am

It's not unusual for Fire Departments to call Specialized Fire, and say,  "we purchased more equipment, but our compartments are full ! "   Specialized Fire to the Rescue!  (pun intended)  Old friend Terry Royer, from Pleasant Gap Fire, called, and a visit to Beautiful Station 8 was scheduled.   Bob and Rich set out one winter's day to make the drive to come up with potential equipment mounting solutions for Rescue 818.  During the trip north, one wild "White Out" snow squall stopped Bob and Rich in their tracks at the Sheetz at Routes 144 and 45.  The storm passed, and Rich and Bob decided not to go over the mountain, and arrived a little late, but unscathed.  The existing mounting on Rescue 818 was analyzed, and a solution was derived.  Thanks PGFD for the work!   One mean and well equipped BULLDOG!

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