Paxtonia Rescue Engine 34-1, This Rig is Loaded!

Sun, Jun 21st, 2020, 11:34 am

Paxtonia Fire has always been a great group of Firefighters to work with, and the latest project Engine 34-1 was no exception!  In fact, if one wants to speak of maximum compartment space utilization?  This rig "Takes the Cake"!   Numerous visits from the Station 34 crew as well as many text messages , with questions and pictures, helped the fabricators at Specialized Fire (SFES) to complete the equipment mounting on this Engine-Rescue, utilizing every square inch available.  SFES was included on the final inspection at Seagrave to check the rig from top to bottom.  Discussions started at the Factory on what the firefighters wanted to mount and where.  SFES then designed and built the equipment mounting systems as necessary with adjustability and performance as a priority! Thanks to the Kyle Ross, Apparatus Committee Chairman, and the Officers and Members of the Paxtonia Fire Company for choosing SFES!  A Job Well Done!

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