Palmyra Fire, Seagrave Aerialscope, Truck One

Tue, Sep 17th, 2019, 15:07 pm

For many years, the Citizens Fire Co. of Palmyra, hoped to one day have an Aerialscope!    In the year 2019, that hope was answered, and Tower 1 was delivered.  Tower 1 made its debut at PA Fire Expo in May, and eventually made its way to the Specialized Fire Shop (SFES) in Middletown.  Meetings were held prior to delivery with Travis Duncan and Ben Spencer, as to their vision in regard to equipment mounting location.    The SFES crew worked closely with the Fire Department throughout the process to make Tower 1, ready for "TRUCK WORK"!  More pictures will be posted once all the equipment is in place in the compartments.  Thanks to Palmyra Fire to bringing Tower 1 to SFES!  "Best Damn Equipment Mounting Around!"

No Holes drilled in the rig to mount! All wiring protected!

All Chargers mounted to a riser to protect wiring! Attached to exsiting fasteners!

Bracket Attached to existing fasteners at Cat Track. No holes drilled here!

Ladder rides on plastic for protection and easy deployment!

Stainless Bracket attached to existing body fasteners. Durable and effective!

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