New Berlin Engine 4-1 gets a remodel!!

Sun, Jun 21st, 2020, 11:12 am

Visited the New Berlin Volunteer Fire Department a few months ago to discuss compartment space management on Engine 4-1.  The main theme was to make Engine 4-1 an efficient Engine-Rescue.   Many scenarios were discussed, and as soon as a slot opened in the Specialized Fire (SFES) schedule, Engine 4-1 backed into the shop.  The three rear compartments were cleaned out, and the process of compartment space utilization commenced.  Interior compartment lighting was upgraded to LED which allowed the entire compartment to be illuminated versue a single incandescant light on the compartment ceiling.  Weekly visits from the Firefighters at NBFD, helped to SFES to utilize all compartment space to the maximum, while still keeping equipment prioritized and accessible!  Thanks to the New Berlin Fire Department for allowing SFES to perform the equipment mounting on your Engine!   We enjoyed the challenge!

Tool Boxes, Cones, Extinguishers, Little Giant Ladder, Broom, Shovel, and still more room!

Cribbing in every square inch! Wedges and chains in aluminum boxes.

HRT, struts, Irons, Sledge, Pickets, Hi Lift Jacks, and more!

Cordless Tools and Chargers, Tools oriented to use the space!

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