Middletown Squad 88, Fire and Water!

Sun, Jun 9th, 2019, 11:32 am

Middletown's new Ford F550/ Reading Squad has been in service for awhile.   While Squad 88's primary function is pulling the Fire Departments Boats to Water Rescue Incidents, it's also well equipped, to provide manpower at Fire/Rescue calls.   The Crew at Specialized Fire, (SFES) started by installing aluminum strut in all the compartments.  Equipment mounting was then attached to the strut, which makes any future equipment installation, or equipment location changes possible, without drilling more holes in the vehicle!   This method allows for maximum adjustability and versatily, when equipment mounting changes are needed, throughtout the life of the vehicle!  That's the way we do it at SFES! Thanks to the Officers and Members at station 88 for their patience!  Stay Tuned!  More equipment is coming for Squad 88 in the near future, and you can bet, SFES will find a way to make it "Fit and Function"!

Room to grow!

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