Lower Swatara Fire, RESCUE 59

Wed, Mar 29th, 2017, 7:10 am

The Station 59 crew called one day in 2016, and asked if Specialized Fire, (SFES) could schedule an evening to look at RESCUE 59.   FDLS, had recently purchased additional Rescue Equipment, and needed to get it mounted.  Problem was? Where to mount it?  After some discussion, and some work with a tape measure, a plan was derived to move some equipment in various compartments to make space available.  A vertical slide out tray was fabricated and installed.  Little Giant Ladders, found a new home.  Two existing slide tool boards were removed.  Existing Hand Tools and equipment were mounted, so the equipment could be easily removed for use.  Simple Ergonomics were applied to keep the "Heavy Equipment" low in the compartment, and the "Lighter Equipment", higher in the compartment.  Thanks to Chief Weikle, Asst. Chief Danny Phillips,  Captain Sean Taylor,and the rest of the FDLS crew for allowing SFES to get Rescue 59, into the shop. Your vision, sure helped us put the "Specialized" touch on Rescue 59!!!!

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