Gratz Area Fire, RESCUE 27

Fri, Jan 27th, 2017, 7:11 am

Gratz Fire's new Sutphen Rescue Engine, arrived at Specialized Fire Equipment Services (SFES) with empty compartments.  Chief Harry Welker, and his crew, knew what equipment they wanted in each compartment.  With that being said, the crew at SFES, went to work to make it all fit! Since the rig had empty compartments, not even one shelf,  SFES had a clean slate, to begin the process.  Fabrication was performed to maximize compartment space, and prioritize rescue and fire fighting equipment as necessary.  As the installation took place, the SFES crew, exchanged  ideas, and worked with the Officers and Firefighters of Station 27, to customize the equipment mounting to fit the need.   The end result?? Durable, Practical,  Emergency Ready, equipment mounting, with adjustability built in, for future addition/deletion of Fire and Rescue Equipment!  Thanks to the Gratz Fire Company for choosing SFES!   and on a side note,  Lots of great story time, was had with Bob and Harry!   

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