F.D.L.S. Pierce Tanker 59

Sun, May 6th, 2018, 11:50 am

Pumper/Tanker 59 arrived at Specialized Fire Shop, with Chief John Weikle, and the Lower Swatara Fire Apparatus Committee to discuss equipment mounting.  The Committee had a great plan on how, why, and where, they envisioned the Firefighting equipment was to be installed on the rig.  Now is was time for the Old Heads at Specialized to make it happen!!  As with all mounting projects completed at SFES, Tanker 59 was completed utilizing non-evasive methods.  What does that mean??  It means that Specialized, fabricates mounting solutions, which minimize the amount of holes drilled into your Apparatus!!  Why do we care about that???  During the next many years, that the Fire Department will own this apparatus, the equipment mounting needs may change.  When one removes the equipment, that was mounted at Specialized,  98% of the time, one will find, that the equipment mounting solution, done at SFES, was attached to fasteners installed at the apparatus manufacturer at the time of assembly.    Thanks to Chief Weikle and FDLS for allowing SFES to perform your firefighting equipment mounting.   No doubt Tanker 59 will serve you well for years to come!

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