Elizabethville Engine 21, "Star of the Valley"

Sun, Jun 9th, 2019, 11:58 am

Reliance Hose, in Elizabethville, recently recieved their beautiful new Pierce Enforcer Engine.  Joe Werner and the committee discussed the many options, that every Fire Department ponders when equipment mounting is the topic.   The Committee agreed that they did not want to just start "drilling holes" in a brand new rig without a plan.  The crew at Specialized Fire Equipment Services Inc. (SFES) was called in for a consultation.   SFES met with the committee to discuss what options were possible?  The committee also stated that all work performed had to stay "within budget".  With that in mind, a list of equipment mounting priorities was developed, and SFES got started.   The list of priorites was completed, and SFES furnished the remainder of the hardware, for the members, to complete the remainder of the equipment mounting at the Station.   ALL WITHIN BUDGET!  Thanks to the Officers and Members of Dauphin county,  Company 21 for choosing SFES to help with getting Engine 21 ready for Service!   Fire Apparatus Quality Equipment Mounting on a budget????  Who even knew that was possible???  Give Specialized Fire a Call!  It's what we do!

Both the Hooks and the Brackets will last a Lifetime!

Installed and attached to existing body screws. No holes drilled here!

Efficient use of space!

Tight Fit!

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