Duncannon Engine 2, "Small but ALMIGHTY!

Wed, Jan 23rd, 2019, 7:12 am

Duncannon Fire Chief Byron Worner, called and said, " Hey! we are ordering a new Engine, can you review the spec?"  of course, we at Specialized Fire Equipment (SFES) said, "YES!", and so the story, of Duncannon's New KME Engine began.   From spec review, to final inspection, to equipment mounting, SFES was involved.  Equipment mounting was minimally evasive.  What's that mean?  We at SFES strive to not drill holes in your rig, as it applies to equipment mounting.  We use existing fasteners whenever possible, and will add aluminum strut to a compartment, if needed to give the compartment, maximum adjustability and adaptability!   We don't just try to quickly mount the equipment and get the job completed, we know that the Fire Departments, we work with, will have a rig for 10, 15, or 20 years!  So why not make equipment mounting that is able to be changed without drilling more holes?  Thanks to the crew at Perry Station 2 for allowing us to make your new Engine 2, truly Specialized and "Almighty"              If you would like to hear more about our methods?  Please contact us at 717-944-5999 or rich@specfire.com

Spreader and Cutter can be deployed without pulling slide out tray!

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