Camp Hill Engine 14 "Ever Willing"

Wed, Dec 28th, 2016, 7:38 am

Early in the process of creating a specification for a New Fire Engine,  Camp Hill Fire Department Assistant Chief, Ray Smeriglio contacted Specialized Fire in regard to equipment mounting on the new Engine 14.  Meetings were scheduled to look at the equipment that would need to be organized and mounted upon delivery.  A Pierce Arrow XT was chosen by the Fire Department.  Preliminary drawings for the New Engine were delivered and the parts of the puzzle started to fall into place.  Rich from Specialized Fire Equipment, made the trip with the Apparatus Committee to Appleton Wisconsin for final inspection.  All issues found at Final Inspection, were addressed at the Factory, and Engine 14 came home.  The rig and all equipment was delivered to the SFES Shop, and work commenced.   All work performed at SFES was minimally evasive to the rig,  In other words, SFES did not Drill numerous holes in the rig to perform equipment mounting!!  Why does this matter?  It is inevitable, that during the life of the apparatus, equipment mounting and storage locations will change.  By mounting equipment utlizing existing body fasteners and adjustable strut, compartmentation can be changed without leaving numerous holes!  It only makes sense!  The Camp Hill Fire Department can be proud of the new "Engine 14"!  It is a very versatile Fire Engine, which will serve the community for years.  Thanks to the CHFD, Chief Morgan, Chief Apgar, and Chief Smeriglio, for allowing SFES to be part of the process to make E14, "Ever Willing"!

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