Annville Rescue 5

Mon, Feb 17th, 2020, 17:43 pm

Union Hose in Annville reached out to Specialized Fire Equipment Services (SFES) for assistance in purchasing an New Rescue Truck.  Chief Phil Snavely provided chassis and Rescue Body specifications for SFES to review.  SFES thoroughly read the specs and provided recommendations to the Fire Department to enhance the longevity and performance of the new Rescue.  SFES made the trip to Sutphen for chassis final inspection, and to Rescue 1 for Rescue Body final inspection.  During those trips to the manufacturers, in depth discussions took place in regard to equipment mounting organization, location, and methods to maximize compartment space.  Final inspections were completed and Rescue 5 arrived at the SFES shop, and work commenced.  Take a look at the end result!  Everything has a place, and room to grow!!  Thanks to the Officers and Members of Union Hose of Annville, for putting their trust in Specialized Fire!   Ask Chief Snavely!  he agrees with our official slogan,  "The Best Damn Equipment Mounting Around"!

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